Sandrine Pochet

Senior Consultant



I advise organizations looking to develop / strengthen their sustainability strategy. Either by being a sounding board / devil’s advocate on a strategic level or by identifying and implementing the necessary tools and structures to ensure credibility and transparency in line with the organization’s ambitions. The main focus is on developing a coherent approach, clear in its contextualization, targets and objectives thus facilitating internal buy-in and external comprehension while finding a balance between managing risk and identifying opportunities. Elements such as company culture, navigating complexity and stakeholder engagement in particular are what I focus on as these are crucial in order to ensure that developed activities reach their full potential. In addition, I am a strong believer of bringing the profit and non-profit sector closer together, as this can generate a very interesting cross-polarisation.


1 Organizational transformation

2 ESG Performance Improvement

3 ESG Management

4 ESG Standards

5 Risk Management & ESG Due Diligence

6 Training and Capability building

7 Stakeholder Engagement & Management