Zineb Belymam

Senior Consultant



With more than 14 years of advising and evaluating organizations on the integration of extra-financial issues into their business model and their performance, I am convinced of the rise of a generation of investors, entrepreneurs, employees, students and researchers, members of associations, local actors who wish to leave a positive imprint for today and tomorrow.

My passion combines my conviction that Sustainability and Responsible Business are the royal road for the economic and social development of companies and their stakeholders.

I wish to add my stone in the respect of ethical values ​​for the sharing of value and to work for the influence of ESG factors in the world.

" Happy to Support! "

- Zineb Belymam


1 ESG Performance Improvement

2 Quality Control & Assessment

3 ESG Management

4 ESG Standards

5 Supply Chain Compliance and ESG Reporting

6 Project Management

7 Program Management & Tracking

8 Risk Management & ESG Due Diligence

9 Factory Responsible Business Support

10 Factory Improvement Plan Support (CAP Management)

11 Factory support (consultancy) on human rights and social issues, Codes of Conduct

12 Training and Capability building


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